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The identified funding priorities are in alignment with the District’s Improvement Plan and were developed in cooperation with the Superintendent and the District’s instructional staff. Listed below are the Foundation programs that have been planned to meet the identified funding priorities of the District.


Demands on the District’s budget restrict additional funds for program enrichment and special initiatives. The Krum ISD Education Foundation works to provide the resources students need now and in the future.

The community believes there is a strong correlation between the quality of life in Krum and the quality of its education system. This philosophy is important to the youth of the District and equally important to economic growth.


The students and community are the beneficiaries of the funds used for the identified funding priorities.   Specifically, benefits include:


  • building life-long learners and leaders;

  • preparing our students more effectively for post-secondary opportunities;

  • supporting progressive community growth in an effort to recruit and retain talent;

  • enhancing the instructional skills of teachers; and,

  • providing students with cutting edge technology to enable them to become globally competitive.


(up to $50,000/District; $10,000/Campus; $5,000/Team; $1,500/Instructional Staff)

Provide funds to enhance existing technology, acquire new technology, and develop the skills to leverage that technology in support of education reforms and student achievement.

Opportunities may include:

  • Integrated Classroom Technology

  • Tablets: One-to-One Technology

  • Software and Equipment


(up to $5,000/Campus; $3,000/Team; $1,000/Instructional Staff)

Provide funds to support educators with instructional projects and pursuits that supplement and align with the District’s Improvement Plan. 


Opportunities may include:

  • Interactive Educational Programs

  • Equipment, Supplies and Materials

  • Professional Development


(up to $500 per student)

Provide funds for elementary, middle school and high school students to participate in learning activities that extend beyond the classroom.

Opportunities may include:

  • Summer Enrichment Program

  • Career and Technology Certification

  • Dual Credit

  • Advanced Placement Testing


(up to $1,500 per teacher)

Provide funds to support educators in advancing their value to the District through training, certification and higher education.

Opportunities may include:

  • State Certifications

  • Higher Education Tuition

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