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Chair:  Lori Sullivan


Develops policies and procedures, goals, and banking and investment strategies to ensure the perpetuity of the Foundation’s assets. 


Chair:  Kelsi Bannahan


Promotes the Foundation and develops a plan for increasing interest in and awareness of the Foundation’s programs and activities.


Chair:  Amanda Millican


Develops means for soliciting donations to support the Foundation’s endowment and the funding of current programs (funding priorities) according to the goals established by the Board of Directors.


Chair:  Bradley McBride


Develops programs that are in alignment with the Krum ISD strategic plan.  Solicits, accepts, and evaluates proposals for educational projects/programs that will augment and enrich education.  

Primary School Desks


The mission and goals of the Krum ISD Education Foundation are supported by four working Committees. These Committees are staffed by volunteers, and they meet regularly throughout the year. Committee meetings are open to the public unless otherwise noted. Volunteers are also welcome to join and participate.

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