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Campus Representatives are volunteers from Krum ISD campuses who:


  • help identify grants that align to the priorities of their campuses and to the mission of KEF;

  • collaborate with KEF on grant writing;

  • provide feedback on the grant application process and timeline to help KEF have the teacher’s perspective more present in its decisions;

  • offer input into what types of communication work well for their individual campuses; and,

  • represent KEF on campuses and help act as liaisons with their peers.


Campus Representatives:

  • CAN submit instructional initiative and technology grant applications individually and/or as part of a team.

  • CAN submit teacher scholarship grant applications.

  • CANNOT view any submitted grant applications.

  • CANNOT score or evaluate any submitted grant applications.

  • CANNOT participate in any discussions related to submitted grant applications.


Campus Representatives from each Krum ISD Campus work closely with the Foundation's Board of Directors and Committees to collaborate on Krum ISD Education Foundation initiatives and programs. This teamwork strengthens the bond between Krum ISD and the Foundation and allows the Foundation to better serve Krum ISD and its educators, staff, and learners.

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