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First awarded in 2016, the Janeda Peploe Memorial Scholarship is a special memorial scholarship established by Loretta D. Powers, Esq. (Class of 2003) and managed by Krum ISD Education Foundation. The scholarship is available to Krum High School Seniors.


Janeda Peploe touched the human feelings of the students of Krum ISD first as a middle school English teacher then as a high school history teacher. History analyzes historical evidence with compelling storytelling. Janeda was a storyteller. Her passion for history, specifically Egyptian history and Holocaust studies, inspired students to become culturally literate, which she often did by challenging them to view history objectively and subjectively through her endearing stories. She wrote a successful grant to fund payment for Holocaust speakers and field trips so that students better understood and dealt with moral questions and historical problems in context. Her foreign exchange students were encouraged to share their history with classmates; Janeda knew that by understanding others’ history, you better understood yourself. Those human feelings were always important to Janeda. Perhaps that is why she began the PALS program (Peer and Leadership) at Krum High School.

Throughout her nearly four decades of teaching in public schools with her tenure at Krum ISD from 1997 until she retired in 2008 and with substitute teaching extending beyond that, Janeda was that exceptional teacher that touched and inspired the character and thoughts of students. By demanding that students see the world through the eyes of others, she indeed touched the “soul of the Krum ISD child” forever. With gratitude, Krum ISD Education Foundation remembers and appreciates Mrs. Peploe.

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