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Founding Donors Campaign Brings in over $262,000 in Donations and Pledges

The Krum ISD Education Foundation ended its Founding Donors Campaign on March 31 with a grand total of $262,404.61. The campaign kicked off in September 2014 with the Founding Donors Dinner — the event brought in more than $14,000 alone.

Since then, donations from volunteers, community members, and businesses have poured in, helping the Foundation raise more than its original fundraising goal of $250,000.

“We are involved in the Foundation to make a difference in our community and school district by providing support and resources to Krum ISD students and educators,” said the Foundation’s Board Chair Daryl Shelton. The Sheltons have volunteered with and given to the Foundation since January 2014, and they have two children who attend KISD.

Journalist John Callarman said that he and his wife, Janice, became Partner Level donors to the campaign because they understand the value of education. John comes from a family of educators, and Janice is a retired teacher.

“Even though we didn't have children ourselves, we believe strongly in the preparation of youngsters to become productive citizens,” said John.

The North Texas electric company Coserv is the Foundation’s Ring of Honor level donor, having given more than $50,000. Concern for community is one of CoServ’s guiding principles, said Area Manager Craig Chambers.

“One of the ways we express this concern is by supporting educators and students through the Krum ISD Education Foundation, and it’s our privilege to do so,” said Chambers.

In addition, the Foundation also launched an employee payroll deduction campaign through the district, and KISD staff members who participated this year are named Founding Donors.

“It is critical for the Foundation to have the support of Krum ISD staff,” said Shelton. “More than 130 staff members are enrolled in the program, which demonstrates their level of commitment to providing a bright future for KISD students. ”

The Foundation was created to support excellence in education by providing supplemental funds for enrichment purposes in designated program areas not otherwise funded by Krum ISD. In June, the Foundation will award grants in the areas of technology and instructional initiatives. Winners will be announced at the district’s end-of-year awards ceremony, scheduled for June 5.

“The Foundation has been successful to this point due to the countless volunteer hours invested in communicating and promoting a clear, concise vision to enhance the depth of education for our youth of Krum ISD,” said Shelton. “The Foundation has an aligned focus that builds upon the basis of bringing key stakeholders together who are committed to providing exceptional educational experiences.”

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