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CoServ Donates $5,000 to KEF

The CoServ Charitable Foundation donated $5,000 to the Krum ISD Education Foundation during the regular monthly KEF Board Meeting on March 27, 2019. The Coserv Charitable Foundation is a nonprofit supporting education initiatives, particularly those related to science, technology, engineering, math, and trades. The Krum ISD Education Foundation continues to be thankful of the tremendous support of the CoServ Charitable Foundation and the monetary contribution allowing KEF to pursue our vision and carry out our mission. Since KEF's inception in 2013, CoServ has donated over $73,000 to our mission. The Krum ISD Education Foundation continues to be grateful of the outstanding support of the CoServ Charibale Foundation in our pursuit to enahnce educational opporutnities within Krum ISD.

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