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Grant Outcome Series: Drumming Into Fitness with Drum Fit

With an ever-growing student population and an obviously not-growing gymnasium space, Blanche Dodd PE Teacher Tracy Polley had to get creative to make the most of her time with her students in the space they had. While attending a TAPHERD PE Convention, teachers were able to participate in an interactive presentation of a program called Drum Fit. Right away, Coach Polley knew this program would be a fun and exciting way to get her students active in their limited space. Polley submitted a grant to the Krum ISD Education Foundation to launch the program and was awarded funding for a three-year DrumFit program. This is the first school year since being awarded this grant, and KEF Board Members Dan Reed, Bret McDaniel, and Stacy McDaniel recently visited the campus to see Drum Fit in action!

Students walk into their gym every other Friday to encounter a field of large, blue exercise balls. They run to their favorites, closest to the projection screen, and eagerly pick up their drumsticks. Each class begins with a warm-up to a popular song where students can bounce, drum, or dribble on whatever way they want! But then, it’s time to get serious. Coach Polley pulls up the program’s interactive guided workout videos and it’s time for students to get down to business. The narrator on screen instructs students (and KEF Board Members) on what to do, from rhythms to movements, all in tune to the music.

After each video, students pause to discuss with Coach Polley what muscle groups were exercised during

the DrumFit activity to get a better understanding of how exercise affects their bodies.

As their PE time comes to a close, they sit and stretch, taking time to cool down from their workout before heading back to class to exercise their brain.

Check out the video below to see Drum Fit in action!

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