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Furthering Education through Teacher and Campus Grants

KISD’s annual end-of-year awards assembly was held on Friday, May 24, in the Performing Arts Center at Krum High School. Krum ISD Education Foundation board members Bret McDaniel, Dan Reed, Stacy McDaniel attended the ceremonies to present the 2019 grants for Technology and Instructional Initiatives.

Educator Sabrina Hendrickson at the Krum Early Education Center was awarded an Instructional Initiative Grant in the amount of $985 titled “Character Counts” for a school wide character and anti-bullying education assembly.

Teachers Lisa Mayfield and Tricia Banks of Blanche Dodd Intermediate School and Krum Middle School were awarded an Instructional Initiative Grant titled “Tap and Think Reading” in the amount of $3,760 to attend an instructional conference to help improve reading comprehension, fluency and writing skills in their students.

Krum Early Education Center teacher Sarah Yanez was awarded funding in the amount of $1,552 for her grant titled “Apps’olutely Amazing Learners”. This Technology Grant will help purchase iPads to assist her kindergarten students with 1-to-1 reading, letter and number formation and identification, rhyming, addition and subtraction, and many other early education fundamental skills that build the basis upon which the rest of their education will grow.

Along with the help of our partner, the CoServ Charitable Foundation, KEF was able to award Marian Martin at Hattie Dyer Elementary a Technology Grant in the amount of $11,030 for her grant titled “Robots Need New iPads”. After being awarded a classroom set of Wonder Workshop Dash and Dot Robots that can be utilized for all content areas, Mrs. Martin quickly learned they would need upgraded equipment to support this full set. This grant will purchase 20 new devices to fully support this class set of robots and the educational opportunities they will provide Dyer students.

All grant applications were reviewed and scored by the Programs and Allocations Committee after educators submitted them in March. To be eligible for consideration, the grant application must present a project that has a designated period for completion, highlights measurable objectives, and aligns with the district’s mission, improvement plan, and curriculum goals. The grant application must also describe how the success of the project will be evaluated.

These grants were among four different types of grants currently funded by Krum ISD Education Foundation. The purpose of a Technology Grant is to provide funds to acquire technology, to enhance technology which is already in place, and to develop skills to leverage a funded initiative in support of education reforms and state achievement. The purpose of an Instructional Initiative Grant is to provide funds to support educators through their instructional projects and pursuits that supplement and align with the district’s strategic plan.

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