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Grant Outcome Series: Character Counts

As we moved into October, which is National Bullying Prevention Month, Krum Early Education Center Counselor Sabrina Hendrickson had a special treat in store for all our K-5 Krum ISD students. At the end of last year, Mrs. Hendrickson was awarded a grant by the Krum ISD Education Foundation titled “Character Counts”.

This grant provided the necessary funds to have an assembly for all three elementary level campuses that focused on having good character and putting a stop to bullying. This assembly was put on by a well-known duo--The Morris Brothers. These two brothers travel across the country to present a fun, quirky, and interactive show that engages students and discusses the importance of good character.

As children, the Morris brothers were made fun of for being “nerds”, but they turned that word around and grew to have confidence in who they are! Now, they say “nerd” is not a dirty word and, instead, stands for being a “never-ending radical dude or dudette”! Their presentation emphasizes that having confidence in who you are is the first step to having good character and putting a stop to bullying. Through a student involved demonstration, they taught students how to tell the difference between reporting bullying and tattling and explained the differences between good and bad character on a level that our young students can really connect with and comprehend. They talked about what bullying looks and sounds like by conducting example situations involving student volunteers and gave them three strategies to help stop bullying: 1. If you see something, say something! 2. Be a superhero! By being a responsible bystander and member of the classroom. 3. Be prepared! Know how to react to bullying. Our students and teachers certainly had a fun time becoming involved in this lesson on developing good character to end bullying.

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