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Educator Grant Giving Enhances Classroom Learning Opportunities for Krum ISD Students

As the 2020-2021 school year drew to a close, KEF was excited to visit campuses and surprise 5 Krum ISD educators with Instructional and Technology grants!

At Blanche Dodd Elementary, educator Britt Warner was awarded a $4,800 instructional grant to create a sensory room to address the social, behavioral, and mental health needs of students. Some students experience sensory related disabilities and emotional disorders, and often endure sensory or emotional overload. This new interactive sensory room will enable these students a space to experience relief from the overwhelming stimulation of a school environment, enabling them to perform better academically.

Also at Dodd, educator Elisa Lawson was awarded $2,450 for her grant titled “Ukulele Fun for All”. This grant will purchase a class set of ukuleles to provide students with the unique, hands on opportunity of exposure to an instrument with fascinating cultural heritage.

At Krum High School, Theatre teacher Jacy Bush was awarded $1,300 to purchase eight sewing machines for the Theatre Department. This brings the department's total of sewing machines to ten, which will better enable her to teach costume construction.

At the district level, Krum ISD educator Carol Turner was awarded a grant in the amount of $8,250 to create an after school piano program for elementary students in grades 3-5. Music education enhances social and collaborative skills, strengthens communication, boosts self confidence, and promotes higher-order thinking; all of which will better equip Krum ISD students to navigate their educational and life experiences.

Along with the help of our partner, the CoServ Charitable Foundation, KEF was able to award Katie McdDonald at the Krum Early Education Center a Technology Grant in the amount of $4,950 for a grant titled “Tinies on Tablets”. This grant will purchase 11 iPads for the Pre-K classrooms at the EEC, enabling them to meet the technology guidelines for the Pre-K program issued by TEA. Additionally, the interactive component of the iPad combined with the flexibility and capacity for more individualized instruction have the opportunity to greatly enhance the academic performance of Pre-K students.

These grants were among four different types of grants currently funded by Krum ISD Education Foundation. The purpose of a Technology Grant is to provide funds to acquire technology, to enhance technology which is already in place, and to develop skills to leverage a funded initiative in support of education reforms and state achievement. The purpose of an Instructional Initiative Grant is to provide funds to support educators through their instructional projects and pursuits that supplement and align with the district’s strategic plan.

All grant applications were reviewed and scored by the Programs and Allocations Committee after educators submitted them in February. To be eligible for consideration, the grant application must present a project that has a designated period for completion, highlights measurable objectives, and aligns with the district’s mission, improvement plan, and curriculum goals. The grant application must also describe how the success of the project will be evaluated. If you are interested in volunteering with the Programs and Allocations Committee, please email us at


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